Applying for building consent

You can apply for a building consent online or by completing a paper form.

Apply Online

GoShift Online Application

You will need:

  • a certificate of title *
  • a set of plans
  • specifications
  • certificate of design work (for restricted building work only)
  • any other documentation as stated on the lodgement checklist that is relevant to your project **
  • a completed lodgement checklist (not required for sheds, garages, solar, solid fuel burners or demolitions): BC78 - Building consent application lodgement checklist (501KB DOCX)

When all these files are ready, go to the GoShift online application portal.  Register with your email address. Create a "new submission", and follow the instructions.

Once you have registered, you will have access to the GoShift Dashboard and Customer Help.

Paper Applications

Although our process is digital we will still accept paper applications if necessary, although we do not recommend this option. 

A lodgement meeting with the Duty Building Officer is required to submit a paper application.  Please phone 03 546 0200 for an appointment.

You will need:

* Note: the certificate of title must be less than three months old. Title can be obtained from LINZ website. If the site is new and does not yet have a Title, then a subdivision scheme plan is required.

** Note: refer to MBIE guidance regarding producer statements

Incomplete applications take a lot of time to work through and this slows the process for other people. Please be conscientious when submitting your application.  Make use of the included lodgement checklist to ensure all the relevant information is supplied to Council.

Nelson City Council uses GoShift forms: a common set of building consent application forms, to provide consistency and improve customer service across participating Councils. For more information, please visit the GoShift website.