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Simple residential building consent fees


Other Simple Residential Building Consents

Includes reasonable processing, inspection and administration time, planning check and Code Compliance Certificate.  Levies and/or Contribution may also be chargeable.

Full fee is payable at lodgement of building consent and is non refundable.

Amendments to simple residential consents are charged at the standard hourly rate and may be more than the fixed fee.



Fixed Fee (inc GST)

Space heaters – all fuel types

Free standing




Wood Pellet Fires



Tents or Marquees > 100m­2



Tents or Marquee

(any size in place for more than 1 month) *



* This covers marquees/large tents that are not ordinarily classed as ‘camping tents’.

All demolition (full or part building)


Solar hot water heaters (stand-alone)


Swimming pool fencing application - allows for 1 hour processing/administration and 1 inspection


Swimming pool (stand-alone) allows for 1 hour processing/administration and 2 inspections.  Engineer monitoring and inspections are charged separately at $125/hr


Proprietary kitset garages/carports up to 50m­2 (allows for 3 inspections).
Proprietary kitset garages/carports up to 50m­2, including firewall (allows for 4 inspections).


Bathroom alterations only (allows for 2 inspections).
Bathroom alterations only, including wet-floor/wall system (allows for 3 inspections).


Levies as required by Building Act 2004 and fixed by legislation

$ based on value of work

Insurance Levy

$20,000 and over

$0.75 per $1,000 or part of

Building Research Association New Zealand Levy (BRANZ)

$20,000 and over

$1.00 per $1,000

Department of Building and Housing Levy (MBIE)

$20,444 and over

$2.01 per $1,000

Quality Assurance Levy (QA)

$20,000 and over

$1.00 per $1,000