Code Compliance Certificate

The owner or agent must apply for a Code Compliance Certificate as soon as practicable after all building work is completed.

When all the building work is completed in accordance with the building consent, a code compliance certificate (CCC) can be issued.  This is a verification from the building consent authority that it is satisfied, on reasonable grounds that the building work complies with the building consent.  It is an important document, and should be retained for future reference.

You should apply for a CCC once all consented building work has been completed (and preferably when all inspections have been passed), by sending Council the completed application form.  Refer to your addenda for any other documentation required by Council prior to the issue of CCC.

Note: the application form must be signed by the owner or their authorised agent.  Please ensure all information on the application is complete and correct.  Download a Code Compliance Application form.

Issuing CCC

Council has 20 working days in which to decide whether to issue, or refuse to issue, a CCC.  If we need more information, we will contact you and put the process on hold until the information is received.

Refusing CCC

If Council isn't satisfied that the building work complies with the consented documents, we will write to you to advise we will refuse to issue the code compliance certificate.  If your application is declined, you can reapply once you have addressed any areas of non-compliance.

If Council refuses to issue a CCC, and if you consider this is not justified, you can apply to the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment for a determination –details on their website

Council must make a CCC decision at two years

Council must decide two years after the building consent has been granted whether or not to issue a CCC (even if a CCC has not been applied for).  If the work is not going to be completed within two years, it is essential that you advise Council.

Compliance schedules

A compliance schedule is required for homes with cable cars, and may be required for multi-unit and non-residential buildings.

Old consents

If the building consent was issued under the 1991 Act, Council may issue a CCC if we are satisfied that the building work complies with the building code and the Building Act.

Older building consents do present Council with a problem when considering the issue of a CCC, particularly when we are looking at construction details and the maintenance history.  If Council is not able to confirm the necessary details, we may refuse to issue a CCC.  See building consents more than four years old for more information.


GoShift application forms

Nelson City Council uses GoShift forms: a common set of building consent application forms, to provide consistency and improve customer service across participating Councils.  For more information, please visit the GoShift website.