Provision of Property Information fees and charges

On this page you will find the comprehensive list of fees and charges for obtaining property information. All fees apply from 1 July 2016.

Land Information Memorandum (LIM)

  • Residential properties: $285
  • Commercial and Industrial properties: $440

Download a Land Information Memorandum request form

Get a complete list of downloadable building consent applications, guides, and checklists.

Access to File Documents

Property information - $20 (no charge for owners of site), includes

  • Residential property files/s
  • Commercial/industrial property file/s
  • Building consent files
  • Resource consent and subdivision files
  • Geotech reports
  • Deposited plans or survey plans

Charges will allow for up to 15 minutes staff time to discuss the file contents and include the first five photocopies (A3 maximum size).  Beyond this time charges for staff will apply as per applicable staff hourly rates. Additional photocopying is charged at the rates stated in 1.3 below.

Customers requiring regular access to site file records stored on-site can obtain a ‘regular user’ rate for access to records and photocopying facilities as follows.

  • Concession Card (5 file access): $80
  • Regular Users : $2,000

Photocopying charges: 

Photocopying charges
Charge $ (incl GST)
A2 $2.00
A1 $3.00

All charges are GST inclusive.