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Commitment to quality customer service

It’s a simple enough statement, but it has wide ranging implications. Council provides hundreds of services, including big stuff like stormwater and roading, community facilities and economic development and little stuff like collecting litter on the beach, street gardens and delivering library books to housebound people. It spends around $114 million in the community to provide those services annually. What that means is Council services, that’s what we do and how we do it, should matter to everyone because they impact on everyone.

One of Council's goals is that customer satisfaction improves with regard to our value for money, customer services and overall service performance.

Council makes big strides in customer satisfaction

April 2010

Council received a great result in a recent stakeholder snapshot of customer service. Two years hard work by Council is paying off with a big positive swing in stakeholder satisfaction revealed in independent research by Concordia New Zealand Ltd.

Replicating a 2008 survey, the research included indepth interviews with 19 major stakeholders ranging from Government departments to commercial enterprise, community and sporting bodies, and others including the Residents’ Association. The feedback stretched across five broad areas: staff accessibility, decision making, communication, leadership and performance, and overall stakeholder perceptions. The results revealed a big improvement in every indicator.

Stakeholders noted the Council as “being progressive and always looking for a way to lift their game.”

Download the complete Stakeholder Survey results (1.7MB PDF).