Brook Recreation Reserve Management Plan


Download the final Brook Recreation Reserve Management Plan (3.4MB PDF)

Nelson City Council has formally released the draft Brook Recreation Reserve Management Plan for a 2-month formal consultation with the community.

Feedback from the community and key stakeholders earlier in the year has guided the development of the draft management plan (3.6MB PDF). The submission form can be found at the bottom of this page.

Brook Camp through trees

The draft plan outlines how the reserve that includes the Brook Camp could be used in the future, what needs protection on the site and how the setting could best serve both Nelsonians and visitors to the region.

Council decided last year to close the Brook Valley Holiday Park, which was running at a loss and needed further investment in facilities and marketing. The Brook campground is continuing to operate with an on-site camp manager, however it is not currently taking bookings.

Consultation closes on Monday 17 August 2015 at 5pm. A hearing panel will then hear public submissions, and make recommendations to amend the draft plan, before a final version is adopted by Council.


This draft management plan responds to a period of uncertainty about the use and management of the Brook Recreation Reserve, located at the southern end of Brook Street in Nelson City. The Reserve is made up of areas of freehold title held by Nelson City Council (NCC), and part of a recreation reserve gazetted as such under the Reserves Act 1977. It also includes the Brook Valley Holiday Park, which has been operating as a camping ground since the mid-1920s. Management of the camping ground has been inconsistent in recent years, resulting in uncertainty for residential campers and a significant reduction in its use by casual campers. Interest has also been shown in alternative uses of the Reserve, including developments for tourism, education and to better support the activities of the Brook Waimarama Sanctuary.


This draft plan reviews the issues affecting the use and administration of the Reserve – and there are many. The land is subject to a multitude of statutory and planning rules and regulations, and several have not been complied with in the past.

The draft plan also considers the potentially competing uses for the Reserve, and again there are many. The intent of this draft is to develop an approach by which all potential uses are complementary, or at least not in conflict. However, this may result in some compromises, and consultation on this draft plan will identify how acceptable those compromises are.

Two possible Visions are proposed. One includes provision for a significant regional tourism and recreation hub within the Reserve (within a defined footprint), and the second provides for a lesser scale of tourism development. Under both scenarios, provision is made for a camping ground (which is desired, or not opposed, by all those consulted to date) and for residential camping; and for the Reserve to be gazetted as recreation reserve under the Reserves Act. It is also proposed to close the public road currently passing through the Reserve and to transfer its status to recreation reserve.

The Nelson City Council stated its preference for Vision 1 when it approved this draft plan for consultation.

The possible effects on traffic in the Brook Valley resulting from tourism developments in the Reserve are described, using the current proposal for a gondola or cycle-lift as a template. The draft plan considers options for other tourism and recreation developments, and notes that most options, including the gondola proposal, will require resource consents, which are likely to be publicly notified. The final adopted management plan will therefore not be the final word in permitting many of the proposed developments within the Reserve.

Both Visions support the use of the Reserve for education activities proposed by the Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology (NMIT), some of which are for the Department of Conservation, and by the Brook Waimarama Sanctuary. A fundamental provision is to support the activities of the Sanctuary which leases a significant area of land adjacent to the Reserve.

A Brook Recreation Reserve Board is also proposed to manage the Reserve as an administering authority, although policies have been drafted to enable NCC to remain the administrator should the idea of an independent Board not be adopted.

An early apology is made for the fact that this draft plan is quite long and is relatively complex. There is no short way of digesting it easily. Section 9 – the objectives and policies – are relatively short, and you might wish to start reading there, although you will then need to refer to earlier sections for clarification.


Final Brook Recreation Reserve Management Plan (3.4MB PDF)



Key dates (estimated)

December 2014 – February 2015:  Advertising intent and asking for suggestions
March – May 2015:  Drafting plan
June 2015:  Council approval to release draft
July / August 2015:  Two month public submission period
Wed 2 September 2015:  Hearing of submissions
Tue 22 September 2015: Deliberations meeting
September 2015:  Hearing panel makes recommendations and Council approves final plan

Privacy Statement

All submissions (including name and contact details) are published and made available to representatives of the Nelson City Council and the public. Personal information supplied will be used for the administration and reporting back to the Council and the public as part of the consultation process. All information collected will be held by the Nelson City Council. Submitters have the right to access and correct personal information.