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Draft Regional Land Transport Plan consultation

The Regional Land Transport Plan sets out the region’s land transport objectives, policies, and measures for the next 10 financial years using national funding.  The feedback period has now closed. Those who wish to speak in support of their submission will do so at a hearing on 10 February 2015.

NRLTP nov 14


The Top of the South councils, in partnership with the New Zealand Transport Agency, have collaborated to develop a joint Regional Land Transport Plan that aims to provide the community with an efficient, safe and resilient road network.

This Regional Land Transport Plan considers the economic drivers for the Top of the South with horticulture, viticulture, forestry, seafood, farming and tourism being the main areas driving our economic growth. All three areas are growing.

The three councils recognise that we are highly interdependent on each other for our economic and social welfare. The Top of the South economy is highly dependent on its road network as there is little alternative especially for Nelson and Tasman, so the need for resilience and reliability along key journey routes is of vital importance. The Plan recognises that.

It outlines specific land transport issues that Nelson faces and how we intend to deal with them. It includes a programme of forward works for the next ten years for both local roads and the State Highway to provide the complete picture of the works planned over the next ten years in Nelson City.

Nelson has around $16 million of regional funds that have been allocated but not committed through the previous 2012-15 Regional Land Transport Programme. As this programme is still live, the funding priorities change as the projects are refined. At this point in time:

i. Several million dollars of investment has already been spent on the Walk Cycle Schools package of works and the full benefit of this comprehensive package will only be realised once all components of the package have been completed. The Rocks Road project is a key link on the network and key component of the package but it is noted that the cost of this project has increased considerably from that stated in the 2012-15 Regional Land Transport Programme. The Council and Transport Agency are currently developing the Rocks Road Project to enable a funding decision to be made.

ii. The SH6 (Whakatu Drive) /Quarantine Road intersection upgrade was identified and prioritised for regional funding in the previous 2012-15 Regional Land Transport Programme. At this point in time the construction funding is allocated but not committed, however it is likely that construction will start this summer (2014/15) so it should be a committed activity by the time this RLTP is finalised.

iii. The SH6 Rai Saddle Second Curve Realignment project was at a lower profile in the 2012-15 Regional Land Transport Programme. It has recently been reassessed leading to a significantly increased profile which means it could potentially be the highest priority project in the 2015 RLTP.

In summary the significant project proposed in Nelson in the 2015-18 period are as follows:


Estimate ($)

SH6 Rai Saddle Second Curve Realignment $7,148,342
SH6 (Whakatu Drive) - Quarantine Road intersection upgrade $3,100,000
Walk Cycle Schools Package

i. Rocks Road walking and cycling project

ii. Tahunanui cycle network

iii. Rocks Road – Maitai path (Saltwater Creek bridge only)

Sub Total




Total $25,733,442

Nelson Public Transport Plan 2015 – 2018
This is contained within the Draft Regional Land Transport Plan for Nelson 2015 – 2021. It set out Council’s public transport priorities for the next three years.