Proposed changes to Waahi Taakaro Golf Course green fee structure

Over the past year, Council staff have been in discussions with the Waahi Taakaro Golf Club regarding the operations and management of the Golf Course. Council supports the presence of the Club at the site and sees the benefit of a healthy Club membership.

As a result of these discussions, a document that clearly sets out the roles and responsibilities of both Council and the Club has been created, and a number of changes have been proposed to ensure that usage of the Golf Course increases over the next few years. Read the draft memorandum of understanding (122KB PDF).

These changes aim to better facilitate the use of the Golf Course, increase overall community and social values of golf in Nelson, and deliver a financially sustainable approach to this public facility for ratepayers.

While we acknowledge that not everyone who plays sport will join a Club, feedback from other public golf courses show that clubs foster a sense of community. This not only results in more people playing golf, but also long-term participation in the sport. This is something Council is committed to achieving.

One of the changes proposed is in the way we charge both green fee players and club members for course use. The key changes proposed are:

  • Club members will now pay a course access fee directly to Council, through the Pro Shop. Previously, these fees have been collected by the Club and passed on to Council at a later date.
  • To bring the course in line with the majority of other public courses around New Zealand, 3, 6 and 12 month concessions for Green Fee players will no longer be sold.
  • New multi-round passes will now be available for purchase. These are aimed at people who play regularly.

No change is proposed to the single round fees ($18 for 9 holes and $23 for 18 holes)

A summary of the current and proposed fees are as follows:

Green Fees Current Proposed
9 hole round $18 No change
18 hole round $23 No change
5 round pass (9 hole) Not available $72
5 round pass (18 hole) Not available $92
10 round pass (9 hole) Not available $140
10 round pass (18 hole) Not available $180
3 month concession $138 Not available
6 month concession $230 Not available
12 month concession $345 Not available
Course access fee
(18 hole - members only)
$276 (12 month)
$165 (6 month)
No change
Course access fee
(9 hole - members only)
$216 (12 month)
$130 (6 month)
No change

Submissions have now closed.