Proposed Representation Arrangements 2016

On 23 July 2015 the Nelson City Council reviewed its representation arrangements, and resolved:

THAT the report Representation Review 2015 (R4510) and its attachment (A1376423) be received;

AND THAT in accordance with Section 19H of the Local Electoral Act 2001:

  1. The Council shall consist of 12 members, plus the Mayor;
  2. The members of the Council shall be elected on an at large basis by the electors of the City as a whole;

AND THAT in accordance with Section 19J of the Local Electoral Act 2001, there shall be no communities or community boards established.

The officer report detailing the proposed representation arrangements is available for download (214KB PDF).

Persons with an interest in the proposed representation arrangements are invited to make written submissions on the Council’s representation proposal.

Submissions must be received by Council no later than 4pm on Wednesday 26 August 2015.  They can be:

  • Mailed: “Representation Arrangements 2016”, Nelson City Council, PO Box 645, Nelson 7040”
  • Hand delivered: Civic House Customer Service Centre, 110 Trafalgar Street, Nelson
  • Emailed:
  • Submitted online using the form below.

Anyone who has so requested shall be given the opportunity to speak to the Council in support of their submission, at a meeting of Council on Tuesday 15 September 2015.

All enquiries should be directed to Linda Canton, Administration Adviser, 546 8446, or email