Civic Awards

Nelsonians who make a difference

Nelson tends to attract people who really want to live here--maybe that is why people are willing to go the extra distance for their city and their fellow citizens. For many years people who have made a special contribution in fields from arts and sport to social welfare have been recognised in the annual Nelson City Council Civic Awards.

The awards have come and gone with different Mayors. They lapsed in the early 90s but were 'revived' in 1996 through to 2006, when around 20 awards were made each year. Recipients represented a wide range of endeavours from sport to social work.

  • The total is now well over 200, including awards to groups like the Stoke Choir and the Nelson Giants.
  • Retired café owner Eelco Boswijk holds the record with four separate awards. The first, in 1982, was a 'special' to recognise the 21st birthday of his coffee house.
  • WOW creator Suzie Moncrieff has been recognized twice with a Civic Award, in 1992 and 1996.
  • Since being reintroduced in 1996 award winners have included Community Constable, John O'Donovan, amateur astronomer Albert Jones and legendary Plunket Nurse Ruby Pierson.