Decisions released from Public Excluded Sessions

In order to increase transparency, Nelson City Council now reviews all confidential decisions that were considered in public excluded session to assess if and when the information can be made publicly available. Links to released information can be found below. The most recently released decisions are listed first.

Recommendation From Recommendation To Report Date Released
Council 21 Mar 2019 n/a Decision Report on the Tasman Nelson Regional Pest Management Plan 2019-2029 (60MB PDF) 4 Apr 2019
Council 13 Dec 2019 n/a Classification of Greenmeadows under the Reserves Act 1977 (1.1MB PDF) 13 Dec 2018
Council 13 Dec 2018 n/a Request for Assistance from a Nelson Sporting Group Released (1.1MB PDF) 13 Dec 2018
Governance Committee
27 July 2018
10 Aug 2017
Nelson Regional Development Agency - Board Appointment (301KB PDF) 18 Sept 2018