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Information for Candidates

Candidate nominations opened Friday 19 July and closed 12 noon Friday 16 August 2019.

Download the Candidate Handbook (1.9MB PDF)

Watch some videos about standing for local government, nomination requirements and how Council's work.

Who can be a candidate

To stand for the council, you must be:

  • a New Zealand citizen,
  • aged 18 years or older,
  • enrolled on the electoral roll.

You don't need any special qualifications to stand for the council. Elected members come from all backgrounds and walks of life - parents, students, business people, or self-employed.

An effective elected member will bring a broad range of skills to the role, such as:

  • decision making and strategic thinking,
  • communication and community engagement,
  • relationship building and collaboration.

How to get nominated

  • Complete a nomination form before 16 August 2019 (available above).
  • Get two people to nominate you. These people must be aged 18 years or older and enrolled to vote in the area you wish to stand in.
  • Provide a deposit of $200. If you poll more than 25% of the lowest polling successful candidate you will receive your nomination deposit back.

What candidates need to do

As a candidate, you need to:

  • find out what is important to your local community,
  • familiarise yourself with Nelson’s local government structure and the roles of elected members.

Attend a meeting of your local board or the governing body to see what is involved or watch these meetings online.

How to get votes

The main reason people don't vote is lack of knowledge about the candidates and their views. A successful campaign is one where local residents know the key issues you stand for within the community.

Useful tips for connecting with people and getting more votes

Use social media channels like Facebook and Twitter as they are cheap to run and have a wide reach.

  • Get out into the community by door knocking, addressing public meetings and talking to the public in shopping malls or weekend markets.
  • Look for interview opportunities on the radio, local newspapers, or magazines.
  • Advertise your views in newspapers or on billboards.

Find out about campaign regulations

There are regulations around campaigning, including how much you can spend and how and when signage can be displayed.

For full details, see The Local Electoral Act 2001 on the Legislation website.

Candidates need to comply with the Advertising Standards Authority Code when campaigning. Candidates are to be socially responsible and truthful, so wherever facts are quoted, the facts must be correct. See the Advertising Standards Code.

Further information

Please review the Candidate Handbook for Nelson (1.9MB PDF) and the Vote 2019 Candidate Guide's Guide from LGNZ (778KB PDF).

For more information about standing for council in 2019, email Mary Birch, Nelson Council's Deputy Electoral Officer,

The Electoral officer is Warwick Lampp PO Box 39163, Harewood, Christchurch 8545