Yvonne Bowater

Passionate about Nelson Community

BOWATER Yvonne CouncillorAs a dedicated, community-focused Nelsonian, with experience resolving complicated issues by finding practical solutions, I believe I am well-suited to represent the people of Nelson on Council.

The majority of my career was in the hairdressing industry, eventually working at a national governance level. It was in this people-focused sector that I honed my excellent communication skills and my ability to listen. I have been involved with many community organisations such as heritage, youth, non-profits, business, education and health in regional and national capacities. Whenever I see a need, it is in my character to help – directly lending a hand or by connecting others.

I want to be part of a Council that listens to its citizens, gets things done, and lives within its means whilst encouraging growth and opportunity. I would appreciate your vote and will work diligently to make Nelson a strong, vibrant place for our entire community.

My vision for Nelson is an inclusive, vibrant, intergenerational and prosperous city which recognises and reflects our rich arts and cultural heritage.

The closure of the top of Trafalgar Street provides unique opportunities to stimulate social interaction in the CBD.  Nelson City further can be enhanced as a regular, year-round destination for people from across the Top of the South.

The establishment of inner-city living, and the expansion of green space has the potential to create a vibrant mix of residential, retail and hospitality in the CBD. This unique setting will attract current and new businesses, as well as residents and visitors, boosting our local economy and quality of life.

We need to improve the connectivity between our suburbs and address congestion by expanding Nelson's shared pathway network, particularly on Rocks Road and Tahunanui.

Our economic focus must emphasise the creation of opportunities for people young and old, through the support of innovative arts and heritage programming, furthering of formal and informal education, growing a robust and diverse job market, and encouraging technology, science, sports, tourism, and food production sectors to expand their operations in Nelson.

Working collaboratively, Nelson will shine as the best little City in New Zealand. 

Bowater Yvonne vonicoe@xtra.co.nz 027 673 1411