21 Sep 2017

Decision to prohibit public access to part of the Brook Recreation Reserve

The Brook Waimarama Sanctuary Trust holds resource consents under the Resource Management Act 1991 and authority under the Reserves Act 1997 to use the skid site located partly on the Brook Recreation Reserve (the reserve) as a helicopter loading site for its predator control aerial operation. One of three consented aerial operations has been conducted. Two further aerial operations are to be conducted prior to the end of October.

It is necessary to prohibit public access to a part of the reserve during the aerial operations for operational and safety reasons, and for the proper administration and control of the reserve. The Council hereby gives notice under section 23(3) of the Reserves Act 1977 that unauthorised access is prohibited on the days the further aerial operations are being conducted to that part of the Brook Recreational Reserve that is identified as Local Purpose (Recreation) Reserve and shown in overlapping shading and cross hatching on the indicative map below. A more detailed map is available at nelson.govt.nz/brook-valley-access-map and forms part of this public notice. In the event of any inconsistency between the indicative map below and the more detailed map on the council website, the boundaries of the more detailed map prevail.

As shown on the maps, the wider temporary prohibited access area includes the part of the Brook Recreation Reserve described above and adjoining freehold land vested in the Council including the access ways to the skid site from Brook Street (opposite Olivine Terrace) and the Brook Sanctuary Visitors Centre and a minimum 100 metres setback from the helicopter loading site. For the avoidance of any doubt, the Brook Valley campground and access to it is excluded from this temporary prohibited access area.

The dates of further aerial operations are yet to be confirmed as they are subject to weather and operational issues but are intended to occur on two separate days before the 30 October 2017. Further notice of the dates of the prohibition will be posted on signage at the reserve prior to the operation commencing.

Unauthorised access to that part of the temporary prohibited access area that is within the Local Purpose (Recreation) Reserve may constitute an offence under section 94(2)(c) of the Reserves Act 1997 and, if convicted, may be liable for a significant penalty.

Any queries concerning this notice can be addressed to Brookinfo@ncc.govt.nz.

David Hammond
Acting Chief Executive

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