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4 Oct 2019

Saxton Field Feedback

Saxton Field is your public space and this is your chance to let us know how you would like to see the park managed in future.

Help us plan for the future of Saxton Field

The management of Saxton Field is due for a refresh – and we need your help to bring it up to date.

Your easiest way to provide feedback at this stage is by completing the short questionnaire at Here you can offer your preferences for future development and management, give us an idea of how well we are delivering services now, and register for further consultation as the plan is drafted.

The process

Our review of the Saxton Field Reserves Management Plan will follow these steps:

  • October-December 2019:  Gather public feedback to inform a first draft
  • May-June 2020:  Draft reserve management plan open for public submissions
  • July/August 2020:  Hearings and deliberations on the draft plan
  • October 2020:  Final plan adopted by Joint Committee of Nelson City and Tasman District Councils.

Why review the reserve management plan?

The way we manage Saxton Field was last reviewed in 2008, so it’s time we took another look to make sure our management plan is still fit for purpose.