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Deferred and removed projects

These are projects that were scheduled to begin in 2014/15 but have been deferred for consideration in the Long Term Plan 2015-25. The deferral of these projects will not impact on Levels of Service.

Project deferrals and removals have been annotated to indicate whether the deferral or removal decision was made by the current Council (#) or by the previous Council (*).


Waimea Road/ Market Road intersection upgrade *

Changes were planned for this intersection to make it easier to turn onto Waimea Road. Investigations have shown there is not enough turning demand to warrant this given other priorities for transport and roading.

Waimea Road widening/Snows Hill #

It was proposed to widen Waimea Road and the adjacent footpaths at Snow Hill (near Rutherford Street). Investigations have shown there are other transport and roading activities that are a higher priority to fund at this time.

Halifax Street/Shakespeare Walk #

This project has been deferred for consideration in the LTP 2015-25 so it can be aligned and completed at the same time as stormwater protection works planned for the area.


Shelbourne Street #

The planned stormwater upgrade of Shelbourne Street has been deferred to align with roading funding so both stormwater and roading works can be completed at the same time.

Halifax Street #

A new stormwater line planned for Halifax Street from Tasman Street to Milton Street has been deferred to redirect funding to emergency work from the December 2011 and April 2013 extreme rain events.

Flood protection

York Stream channel upgrade #

Urgent work to improve the flood capacity of York Stream was completed in 2013/14. Remaining work will be considered in the LTP 2015-25.

Parks and active recreation

Stoke Youth Park #

Consideration of youth facilities will be part of the investigation and design of the community and sports facility at Greenmeadows. Any development beyond this will be considered through the LTP 2015-25.

Tahunanui Reserve Management Plan implementation *

Continuing work on plantings and paths at the Tahunanui Reserve, at a cost of $128,000 in 2014/15, has been deferred for reconsideration in the LTP 2015-25.

Destination Playground for Rutherford Park *

This was deferred through the Annual Plan 2013/14, to be reconsidered in the LTP 2015-25. The funding of $676,000 in 2014/15 will also be deferred.

Tasman Heights #

This was to provide a walkway link between Tasman Heights through to Douglas Road. The linkage between Maire Street to Heemskerk Place was scheduled but engineering issues with the location mean the work will now be reconsidered through the LTP 2015-25.

Trafalgar Centre renewals programme #

Works programmed for 2014/15, including landscaping and parking improvements, have now been removed pending decisions about the future of the Trafalgar Centre.

Wakapuaka Sandflats environmental enhancement *

Funding for environment enhancement activities at Wakapuaka Sandflats has been deferred so Council resources can be directed to higher priority work in 2014/15. This project will be reconsidered in the LTP 2015-25.

2014/15 Projects Removed

These are projects that were scheduled to begin in 2014/15 but have been removed from the LTP.

  • Church Street pedestrian connection into Montgomery Square #
  • Halifax Street cycle lane #