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Resource Consent Applications under HASHA

Special Housing Areas (SHAs) have special consenting and approval processes to speed up development. These include proactive council pre-application processes, fast-tracked consenting and limited notification and appeals.

Benefits of becoming a Special Housing Area

Becoming a SHA allows the Housing Accords and Special Housing Areas Act 2013 (HASHA) to be used to consider any application for a qualifying development and any associated infrastructure, replacing the provisions of the Resource Management Act.

Some of the benefits of the HASHA provisions include:

  • Streamlined consenting and plan change timeframes
  • The ability to process resource consents and plan changes concurrently
  • Limited notification provisions only, no public notification, and
  • Limited appeal rights.
  • 20 working days for non-notified applications
  • 70 working days for limited notified applications
  • 130 working days for plan changes

How would a resource consent for a qualifying development be approved?

Resource consent applications for qualifying developments can only be made for developments in SHAs. Qualifying developments must be predominantly residential and meet any height or affordability criteria the Council specifies for the SHA they are in. 

resource consent timeline


Demonstrate your proposal is a qualifying development

Once a site(s) has become a SHA, the subsequent development proposals within these areas must demonstrate that they are qualifying developments (section 14 of the HASHAA).

A qualifying development within a SHA must meet the following criteria:

  • Be predominantly residential.
  • Must not exceed the height controls of the HASHAA (6 storeys and 27m).
  • Contain not fewer than the prescribed number of dwellings specified within the Order of Council.(Link to OIC on previous page)

Please note that while any development is required to be predominately residential, non-residential uses are strongly encouraged. These may include the creation of employment opportunities, mixed use and walkable communities.

Resource Consent Application for SHA (44KB PDF)

If you are intending to apply for a resource consent under HASHA, we encourage you to contact us to arrange a pre-application meeting.

Contact Jennifer Lancashire, Senior Planner, ph 03 546 8385