Nelson South / Richmond East Draft Structure Plan

superseded by proposed Plan Change 18
Find out more about Proposed Plan Change 18 Nelson South.

superseded by proposed Plan Change 18

Find out more about Proposed Plan Change 18 Nelson South.



The area in the draft structure plan is located in and around Champion Road, Hill Street and Hill Street North.  It includes land next to Saxton Creek and Saxton Field. The exact area concerned is set out in the draft structure plan, prepared for the Councils by consultants.


Work undertaken by both councils in their urban development strategies (Richmond Development Study and Nelson Urban Growth Strategy) identified the opportunity for residential development in this area. It is well suited to residential development as it lies within the existing Nelson Richmond urban footprint.

Purpose of plan

Currently parts of the area are being subdivided for residential development in a sporadic way.  The purpose of the draft structure plan is to provide an overall development framework for the whole area within which individual property owners can design subdivisions to fit.  The reason for taking this approach is to ensure the most efficient use of the land is achieved, the network connections (for streets, walkways/cycleways and services) are planned, reserves and stormwater networks are outlined, and that the valued characteristics of area are recognised and retained.

Key features of plan

  • Utilising the area for residential development as efficiently as possible while developing and / or retaining a quality urban environment. This involves rezoning some rural land for residential development (predominantly NCC) and making more efficient use of the existing urban areas by increasing the density of residential development in some places (predominantly TDC). A total yield of about 800 additional houses is estimated.
  • Retaining the landscape value of the hills behind Richmond East and Nelson South by limiting development to the lower hill slopes and providing for lower density residential development at the interface with the rural land.
  • Developing a greenway along Saxton Creek with walk and cycle way connections from the greenway to the hills and neighbouring residential areas.
  • Providing for lower density residential development on unstable hill slopes to enable appropriate building sites to be selected and open space to be planted.
  • Upgrading some road, water supply, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure.

Report availability

The draft structure plan is available for public inspection at Tasman District and Nelson City Council offices.  Alternatively a copy of the report can be obtained from the Council contact.


For all enquires, please contact Planning Assistant Environmental Policy at Nelson City Council on +64 3 546 0388.