Nelson Tasman Regional Arts Strategy

Adopted 12 March 2009

The Arts Strategy has been adopted by Nelson City Council. The next step in the process is for Council to draft a Nelson Arts Policy detailing what will be done to implement the Strategy.

Thanks to those who got involved

Council thanks everyone who made a submission to the Arts Strategy consultation - it closed with 99 submissions received. Nelson City and Tasman District Councils have been working with the Nelson Regional Economic Development Agency on the draft Regional Arts Strategy to enhance the arts across the region. The strategy aims to increase access to and participation in the arts for everyone in the region, as well as to develop economic opportunities for those working in the arts.

Reason for the strategy

The Strategy has been written in answer to requests made by many people during both Councils’ 2007 Annual Plan process for a regional strategy to deal with the fragile state of the local arts sector and to provide leadership and support. This document represents the response to that request from the community.

After talking with the local arts sector, the wider community and interested groups the Nelson Tasman Regional Arts Strategy was drafted.

The Strategy outlines actions that all communities in the region can work together on, to improve the outlook for arts in Nelson/Tasman There are roles for everyone, from Councils to individual artists, from community groups to philanthropists.

The Strategy addresses many issues including branding and identity, infrastructure, resources, economic development and community participation. It also outlines the way forward in these areas.

It identifies a need for arts facilities across the region that are accessible, affordable and meet the needs of both locals and visitors.

The strategy recognises that arts are integral to the marketing of the region and that festivals, events and facilities are essential ways of integrating the arts into the community.


Download the Nelson Tasman Regional Arts Strategy
(3.1MB PDF)

Find out more about Nelson City Council's Arts Policy


regional-arts-strategy-2009.pdf (pdf, 3.1 MB)