Regional Land Transport Plan 2021-2031

Land transport plays a critical role in connecting our community by providing access to employment, education, recreation and services, as well as enabling the movement of freight in support of business and industry.

The Regional Land Transport Plan (RLTP) is a critical document for Te Tauihu o Te Waka-a-Māui (Te Tauihu) or the “Top of the South Island’ as it underpins all of the region’s road network and transportation planning, as well as the investment priorities over the next six years on both the state highway and local road networks. From a statutory perspective, the RLTP meets the requirements of the Land Transport Management Act 2003 and contributes to the overall aim of the Act.

A core requirement of the RLTP is that it must be consistent with the strategic priorities and objectives of the Government’s Policy Statement on Land Transport and take into account the National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Strategy.

The vision of this RLTP is to have a safe and connected region that is liveable, accessible and sustainable.

Download Regional Land Transport Plan 2021-2031 (3.9MB PDF)

The Chairs of Te Tauihu invite public feedback to this Regional Land Transport Plan. Consultation opens mid-February 2021 and closes mid-March 2021.