Significance and Engagement Policy

Policy background

Recent amendments to the Local Government Act 2002 require local authorities to develop a Significance and Engagement Policy.

The Government has said the changes are not about removing requirements to consult but about improving the processes that are used. The aim is to enable councils to design engagement processes that are appropriate for a range of different circumstances and community interests. The significance and engagement policy is intended to provide a clearer guide about how and when communities can expect to be engaged.

Nelson City Council’s policy sets out the relationship between the degree of significance that a matter has, and the level and type of community engagement that is likely to take place.

Two key aspects of the policy are that engagement should be in proportion to the degree of significance that any matter has, and that community preferences for engagement should be taken into account.

Some processes will still require a special consultative procedure including the adoption or amendment of the Long Term Plan or of a significant bylaw, changes to financial policies, or the transfer of ownership of a significant strategic asset (as listed under this policy).


If you would like more information about this Policy, please contact Susan Moore-Lavo on 03 545 8742.

Adoption of Significance and Engagement Policy (55KB PDF)

Significance and Engagement Policy (68KB PDF)