Approved ultra-low emission burners (ULEBs)


If you live in Airshed B2 (Stoke) or C (Nelson North), and are either building a new home or do not have an existing enclosed wood burner, you can apply for a building consent to install an ultra-low emission wood burner (ULEB).

A ULEB is one that under strict real life operating conditions can meet an emissions and efficiency standard of 38 milligrams per megajoule, or emits less than 0.5 grams of total suspended particulate (TSP) per kilogram of fuel burned and a thermal efficiency of 65% or greater.

ULEBs are authorised to be installed under proposed rule AQr.26A of Nelson City Council’s Air Quality Plan.

NOTE: In buildings that currently do not have a solid fuel burner, a limit of 999 ULEBs applies in Airshed B2 and 599 in Airshed C.  ULEBs are required to be installed within 12 months of a building consent being issued for the appliance.

Brand and Model Emissions (mg/MJ) P.E.F. (g/kg) S.H.E.  (%) Type Water Heater Authorisation Number
C H Faul & Company Limited
Froling S4 Turbo 15   0.3 84 FS None 183764
Froling S4 Turbo 22   0.5 84 FS None 183765
Froling S4 Turbo 28   0.5 83 FS None 183766
Froling S4 Turbo 38   0.5 83 FS None 183767
Froling S4 Turbo 40   0.5 83 FS None 183768
Envirosolve Limited
Bionic Fire Studio 33 0.5 76 FS None 166197
RAIS Bionic Fire (ULEB) 33 0.5 76 FS None 154319
Glen Dimplex New Zealand Limited
Masport Cromwell 35 0.5 67 FS None 176374
Masport Mystique 19 0.3 78 FS None 165858
Pellet Fire Solutions
Blaze King Chinook CK30.NZ 28 0.4 68 FS None 182697
Blaze King Sirocco SC30L.NZ 28 0.4 68 FS None 181245
Blaze King Sirocco SC30P.NZ 28 0.4 68 FS None 181242
Retail Links
Jayline UL200 34 0.53 79 FS None 183251
Jayline Walltherm Air (ULEB) 35 0.5 67 FS None 153807
Retrospective Design Ltd
Xeoos Twinfire X8 33 0.4 69 FS None 156423
Tropicair Heating Limited
Tropicair Duo (ULEB) 23 0.3 74 FS None 164316
Trpopicair Duo Wet 33 0.5 74 FS Wetback 165314
W H Harris Limited
Harris Ferva Saturn 29 0.4 73 FS None 169888

Notes and conditions
Emissions = this must be no more than 38 milligrams per megajoule.
P.E.F. = Particulate Emission Factor. This requirement is measured differently for ultra-low emission burners. To qualify for this list emissions are measured under strict real-life operating conditions and must be no more than 0.5 grams of total suspended particulate per kilogram of fuel burned.
S.H.E.  = Space Heating Efficiency. This is a measure of how much of the available energy in the fuel source is generated as heat, and must be 65% or greater.
IB = In-built
FS = Freestanding