Nelson Nature

Imagine if living in, or visiting, the Nelson region was like stepping back in time, where you would wake to the sound of a dozen bellbirds, be surrounded by landscapes clothed in lush native forest, and streams of clean, clear water that were home to hundreds of shimmering native fish.

We’re lucky to live in an outstanding location with picturesque mountains and a sparkling coastline, but what if we could make this beautiful place even better? A region free from invasive weeds that smother our forests, or predators that kill our unique birds, and from pollutants that threaten the health of our rivers and streams.

Nelson City Council’s Nelson Nature programme provides a much more extensive and targeted approach to restore our region’s natural environment, ensuring our indigenous vegetation and wildlife survives and thrives. Working in partnership with the Department of Conservation (DOC), private landowners, and the many local heroes who already work tirelessly and passionately carrying out weed control and trapping pests, Nelson Nature aims to bring the wild back into our lives.