Get Involved

Council’s Nelson Nature programme involves much targeted environmental restoration work with landowners, community groups and key agencies in the region.

There are also heaps of ways you can help the effort to restore our region’s environment back to its pristine natural state, from getting fully stuck in weeding out noxious plants or trapping pest animals, to simply increasing your understanding about the easy things you can do to reduce our human impact on the environment.

Adopt a stream

You may like to join or organise a community or neighbourhood group to care for part of your local stream – ensuring no rubbish gets into the waterway, weeding out unwanted invaders, monitoring for stream quality, observing aquatic and bird life, and planting where this is needed.

Sign up to Council’s stream guardianship programme and you will be supported with information, advice and resources as needed. To find out more, contact Council’s Environmental programmes officer, phone 546 0200 or email

Join a group

Nelson’s diverse habitats and landscapes are supported by a network of volunteer organisations and individuals who work hard to help make this city the beautiful place that it is. Work that volunteers undertake on public reserves might include litter collection, water monitoring, weed eradication, tree planting, or pest control. 

If you would like to donate your time to this effort, join one of the volunteer groups working tirelessly across our hills and along our coast lines.

Weedbusting weekends

Council's weedbusting weekends will involve a community-wide eradication effort targeting some of Nelson’s most invasive pest plants from home gardens, street frontages and Council reserves.

As part of this campaign, Council will offer free greenwaste disposal of these weeds on a limited voucher basis. The first weekends will be in June 2016 - check back on this page in early June for details.

Love native plants

Create a natural habitat for birdlife by loving and growing our native plants. Learn more about Native Plants.

Support for rural landowners

Nelson City Council provides Rural Fencing Grants that offer rural landowners a contribution toward the cost of fencing of riparian margins.

A grant may be provided toward the cost of fencing, and in some cases can also include costs of associated items such as gates or water troughs or the supply of native, eco-sourced plants for the riparian margins.

Each application will be assessed on a case by case basis, with the level of subsidy available based on the most appropriate type of fencing for each situation.

The best form of fencing will be dependent upon the site and the stock involved. In many situations, a single hot wire, which is put in place when the stock are in the affected paddocks, can be a cost-effective and efficient system.

Other alternatives include electric fences consisting of one or more wires or post and batten fences.

If you wish to apply for a grant toward the cost of your proposed fencing, please contact the Council and ask to speak with Susan Moore-Lavo, Environmental Programmes Advisor, or email