5 tips to help Nelson’s Nature

1. Dispose of green waste responsibly

Take green waste to the land fill or compost it in long term piles. The worst of our environmental weeds often began life as a garden plant. Never dump your garden weeds into our streams or reserves.

2. Only rain should go down drains.

Everything that goes down an outside drain, goes into your local stream and eventually into the sea. If you wouldn’t swim in it or drink it, then our fish don’t want to either. Nothing but rain should go down drains.

3. Feed the birds!

Our native plants and birds have a mutually beneficial relationship – birds spread the seeds of the plants that feed them in return. But you can help by planting native trees and shrubs that are loved by birds. Check out our Living Heritage Guide to learn about what to plant for birds and other wildlife or see here.

4. Join a volunteer group or consider forming a new one

There are a number of volunteer groups operating in the Nelson area, some of the existing groups can be found here link.  If you would like to form a group to be involved in taking care of our environment, for instance weed removal, planting, or stream care, contact an environmental programmes advisor to discuss your idea.

5. Be a responsible pet owner

As a responsible pet owner, you can help to ensure that your pets do not harm our native wildlife.

If you have a cat:

  • Have your cat neutered or spayed so as not to produce unwanted kittens, and if you do have kittens that can’t be housed, take them to the SPCA – do not dump them in the outdoors.
  • Feed your cat well so that it does not feel so inclined to feed on birds.
  • Where possible keep your cat indoors at night as this is often a time for hunting.
  • Have your cat microchipped, so it can be returned safely to you if found in a forest area.

Dogs can kill Kiwi and other birds, even when in controlled situations or when not tied up at night time near forests.

If you have a dog:

  • Do not let your dog roam freely outside your property
  • Do not take your dog to those areas designated as a no dog zone -see http://nelson.govt.nz/council/bylaws/bylaw-221-dog-control/
  • Be aware of ground nesting birds such as shore birds, but also birds such as kereru that can sometimes land within dogs reach on low branches.