The Great Kereru Count Photo Competition

 Entries to the Native Bird Photo Competition are now closed. We'll be announcing the winners soon!

kereru small


The Great Kererū Count starts on 22 September, and we’ll be running the people’s choice judging on facebook from 22 to 25 September. Winners will be announced in Our Nelson on 4 October.

Winners will be awarded in the following categories:

  • Best kererū photo  - win a self-filling bird feeder
  • Best native/endemic bird (other) photo  - win a self-filling bird feeder
  • People’s choice photo kereru -  win one of three small wooden hanging feeders
  • People’s choice photo other native/endemic birds -  win one of three small wooden  hanging feeders

What is a native/endemic bird?

There are three types of birds found in New Zealand:

Endemic birds are found only in New Zealand – i.e. the kaka, the kererū, the tui, the korimako (bellbird)

Native birds are naturally found in the country or are self-introduced – i.e. the kahu (Australasian Harrier hawk) or the ruru (morepork).

Introduced birds have been brought here by humans – i.e. the sparrow, blackbird, starling For a full list of native, endemic an introduced birds visit