Addressing the Pest Problem

Pests are the biggest threat to our environment. They also threaten the economic future of our region.

Effectively managing pest animals and plants is critical if we want to protect and restore our natural environment. Nelson Nature is targeting pest species in our most highly valued sites, and controlling new threats such as Taiwan Cherry. We are also continuing to work with our volunteer groups and contractors on trapping for pest animals.

Many of our most noxious weeds were introduced to New Zealand as garden plants. It has been estimated that three quarters of the weed problem in our native areas have been caused by plants being illegally dumped at parks, road ends, in our reserves, and into our streams.

Most of the exotic vines that we enjoy in a garden setting will cause problems in our natural environment: banana passionfruit, old man’s beard, climbing asparagus, bomaria, jasmine.... the list goes on and the cost to the community is enormous.

Please think first before dumping your garden rubbish into our natural areas. Not only is it illegal, it is harmful to our forests, and expensive for our community.