Kounga hau

The Council is committed to protecting air quality in a way that meets our community’s health needs.

Safeguarding the life supporting capacity of air is a core aim of sustainable management. Nelson has made significant progress at improving our ambient air quality over the past decade. Older style woodburners have been replaced with cleaner burning fires and other types of heating such as heat pumps. At the same time, industries, commercial operators and schools have made a significant investment to improve the quality of air discharges to air.

When Council spoke to the community in November 2015 there were mixed views on allowing additional woodburners but a general feeling that improved policing and more education about woodburner use was needed.

The draft Regional Policy Statement seeks to maintain and enhance Whakatū Nelson’s air quality in a way that provides for people’s health and wellbeing and does not unduly limit the ability for people to heat their homes, recognises customary practices, and minimises locating incompatible activities near one another.

Does this draft RPS section on Air miss any significant resource management issues? Is Council responding appropriately to the issues related to this topic?


Download the Air chapter of the Draft RPS (1.4MB PDF)

Download the full Draft RPS (2.4MB PDF)

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