Character and Amenity

Pūāhua me te aahurutanga

Council seeks to maintain and enhance Whakatū Nelson’s character and amenity values.

Whakatū Nelson’s urban and rural areas have distinctive character and amenity values. These contribute to Nelson’s unique appeal as a place to live, do business and visit. The community has given feedback to the Council confirming how important it is that, as Nelson grows, our character and amenity values are looked after.

Some of the key qualities that have been identified include a clear urban/rural edge, safe and bustling centres of activity, high quality architectural design, leafy green suburbs, vistas through the central city between the sea and the hills, and high levels of privacy and comfort in public places and in homes.

At the same time, growth as well as residents’ desires to improve their own property means that there will be changes to the appearance and form of development over time.

We’re currently working to strike the right balance to ensure that when change happens, it retains those key qualities that make each part of Nelson special, and enhances those that could be improved. The final Nelson Plan provisions will set out a clear framework that gives better certainty to the community. This will include descriptions of the essential qualities of neighbourhoods and what this means for any new development proposals.

Does this draft RPS section on Character and Amenity miss any significant resource management issues? Is Council responding appropriately to the issues related to this topic?


Download the Character and Amenity chapter of the Draft RPS (1.6MB PDF)

Download the full Draft RPS (2.4MB PDF)

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