Infrastructure and Energy

Te tuhituhi o te tipuranga me te tūāpapa

Council wants to co-ordinate our infrastructure and provide for renewable energy in a way that responds to our growth needs.

Nelson has a range of regionally significant infrastructure such as water, transport, telecommunications and electricity networks.  Our landfill, quarries and facilities such as the Port, Airport, Hospital, and Marina are also key parts of Nelson’s infrastructure.

In November 2015, the community indicated that adequate infrastructure should be provided to support population growth and our infrastructure needed to be better protected from natural hazards such as sea level rise.  There was also general support to encourage access to solar energy.

The draft RPS seeks to provide for the growth and development of a range of regionally significant infrastructure in a way that also mitigates its effects on surrounding areas and avoids development in areas subject to high natural hazard risk. There is also a need to better integrate the way we provide land and roll out infrastructure.  In responding to national policy direction, Nelson also needs to recognise and provide for the benefits of renewable electricity such as micro hydro and solar energy.

Does the draft RPS identify all relevant regionally significant infrastructure and relevant renewable electricity types?  Does this draft RPS section on Infrastructure and Energy miss any significant resource management issues? Is the Council responding appropriately to the issues related to this topic?


Download the Infrastructure and Energy chapter of the Draft RPS (1.5MB PDF)

Download the full Draft RPS (2.4MB PDF)

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