Kainga whenua kanohi

Council is keen to identify our outstanding natural landscapes and features, and ensure visual effects on other landscapes are managed appropriately.

Landscapes are fundamental to Nelson’s setting. Our city is framed by a backdrop of hills, and also outstanding natural features such as Haulashore Island and the Boulder Bank.

To the North and East the region is home to a coastal natural character and landscapes that are recognised as outstanding, including the Bryant Range, Mineral Belt, the Delaware and Whangamoa Inlets and Cape Soucis.

The community has indicated its support for the identification and protection of these outstanding landscape values during feedback in November 2015 on the Nelson Plan review. Respondents considered that low impact tourism and recreational activities could be accommodated in such landscapes.

The community also indicated its support for the maintenance of the natural qualities of largely undeveloped hill slopes and skylines in the immediate vicinity of the city. Some saw semi-developed hillsides as appropriate areas for accommodating future urban growth.

As a result of that feedback, the draft Regional Policy Statement explains what forms of development would be appropriate in areas that are ‘outstanding’ in landscape terms. The draft Statement also explains how landscapes that form part of the visual amenity of Nelson City will be confirmed and, again, what forms of development are suited to these areas.

Does the draft RPS include a sensible means for confirming the location of important hill slopes and skylines in the vicinity of the city? Has a suitable range of activities been identified as being appropriate in areas identified as either important or outstanding in landscape terms?


Download the Landscape chapter of the Draft RPS (1.4MB PDF)

Download the full Draft RPS (2.4MB PDF)

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