Non-regulatory environmental programmes

Effective environmental management is about far more than just rules and regulation. Nelson City Council is engaging with the community and a range of stakeholders on targeted programmes that seek to improve the state of the region’s environment.

Nelson Nature

A dedicated new programme of work has been introduced to better protect and enhance the Nelson region’s natural environment, called Nelson Nature.

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Healthy Streams

Healthy Streams is Council's freshwater improvement programme. It pulls together the many streams of our work to improve Nelson's freshwater assets, including community programmes like Project Maitai/Mahitahi and Wakapuaka Bursting into Life, and work funded by the Ministry of Primary Industries' Hill Country Erosion Fund.

More information can be found on our Healthy Stream page.

Eco Design Advisor

The Eco Design Advisor provides free, independent and personalised advice on improving the performance and occupant health for both new and existing homes. Ratepayers and residents are provided with tailored, research-based information for new homes, alterations, and existing homes.

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Historic heritage financial assistance

Following the adoption of the Whakatu Nelson Heritage Strategy in November 2006, Council offers financial assistance for heritage property owners and others who are concerned with the city’s heritage.

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A Nelson City Council facilitated programme, in partnership with the Toimata Foundation, which supports community-based environmental education in schools and kindergartens.

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