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NRMP 7 January 2013 Amendments

The 7 January 2013 amendments provide for the correction of minor errors pursuant to Clauses 16 and 20A of the First Schedule RMA.

The following provisions are affected by these corections:

NRMP Provision Page
REr.23.4 and 24.4 l) and n) 7-27
REr.25.1 7-28
REr25.4.i) 7-29
REr.26.1.c) 7-30
REr.27.1.f) 7-30
REr31.1.b).j) 7-34
REr108.3.c) 7-96
E.3 7-112
ICr.39.1.iii) and ICr.39.3.ii) 8-36
ICr83.5 8-77
Scr.7.1.2 and SCr.7.1.3 9-58
RUr.31A.3.ii) 12-34
AP14.2.iii) A14-3
AP14.2.1.iii) A14-4
AP14.2.2.ii).a) A14-6


Link to filing instructions for NRMP 07 January 2013 amendments (54KB PDF)