Plan Change 18

Nelson South

Publicly notified 28 August 2010


At its meeting on 23 July 2015, Nelson City Council resolved to make proposed Plan Change 18 (Nelson South) operative on 17 August 2015. This was publically notified on 8 August 2015.

The operative Plan Change text can be found in Appendix 1 of the Commissioners’ Decision report and in the Consent Order. Documents can be viewed at the “Documents and Downloads” section at the bottom of the page.

The main features of the Plan Change are to:

  • Rezone land in the Nelson South area from Rural to Residential and Rural Higher Density Small Holdings Area (see downloads section)
  • Apply a services overlay to these Residential and Rural Higher Density Small Holdings Area zones
  • Apply an Esplanade reserve to the western arm of Saxton Creek


Decisions were notified on 30 June 2012.  Four appeals were lodged with the Environment Court and seven others sought to be party to proceedings under s274 of the Resource Management Act 1991.

The only affected provisions of Plan Change 18 were those that were subject to appeal, all other proposed provisions (those not subject to appeal) were “treated as operative” under RMA s86F.

The full appeal and s274 notices are available for download below under the “Documents and Downloads” section. 

Submissions, Hearing and Decisions

Plan Change 18 was publicly notified on 28 August 2010. Submissions closed on 1 November 2010 with 14 submissions received. A summary of submissions was publicly notified on 11 December 2010 and 29 further submissions were received.

Council engaged a hearing panel (chaired by an Independent Commissioner and assisted by Councillors) to hear and make decisions on submissions to Plan Change 18. A hearing was held on 31 October and 1 November 2011 and decisions were publicly notified on 30 June 2012.

The decisions were to approve the Plan Change as notified subject to the following amendments:

  • alteration to the esplanade reserve requirements for sites which have subdivision approval;
  • addition to the left hand planning map to show a ‘Proposed Road (Indicative Alignment Only)’ from John Sutton Place to Hill Street North.


Nelson City Council, Tasman District Council and the community worked together to plan for the development of the Nelson South and Richmond East area. This followed on from the Nelson Urban Growth Strategy (2006) that identified this area as having potential for residential development.

After background research and consultation with the community, proposed changes to both Council’s Resource Management Plans were developed. Tasman District Council has tackled the Richmond East area and Nelson City Council looked at the Nelson South area. The changes proposed for the Nelson area, collectively known as Plan Change 18 were as follows:

  • Rezone Areas C and D and the lower portion of 187 Champion Road and 203 Champion Road from Rural to Residential
  • Rezone 3A, 3B, 3C and 3D Hill Street and the upper portion of 187 Champion Road from Rural to Rural - Higher Density Small Holdings Area
  • Apply a Services Overlay to the proposed Residential and Rural - Higher Density Small Holdings Area zones.
  • Apply an Esplanade Reserve on both sides of the western arm of Saxton Creek

Documents and downloads

Appeal Downloads

Trustees of the McFadden family trust - DOWNLOADS
Hamilton and Hardyman - DOWNLOADS
Julian Raine - DOWNLOADS
RG Griffin childrens trust - DOWNLOADS

Contact person

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