Growing food at home

Growing food is great not just for the environment, but also for you. Not only are you re-using resources such as your own compost, but you are also saving money and getting great health benefits, as well as the satisfaction of creating your own food.

Grow It Guide

To support you and make food growing simple, Nelson City Council has worked with a network of local agencies to develop a range of resources with the aim of making it easy to create gardens, learn about composting and grow food. The ‘Grow It’ guide includes a growing calendar for Nelson, as well as handy pictures showing you how to plant, how to choose the best spot for your veggie patch, and lots of other useful tips and information. 

Download the Grow It Guide: Making it easy to create gardens, grow food and compost in Nelson. (4MB PDF)

Growing Fruits and Nuts in the South

The ‘Growing Fruit & Nuts in the South’ guide has been developed to give you the information you need for successfully growing fruit and nuts in a suburban backyard in the Top of the South region.

Go to the Nelson Environment Centre’s website to download the Growing Fruit and Nuts in the South guide.

Community gardens

Nelson's community gardens are a great resource to inspire and teach you how to grow food.  Go along and have a look –

Open Orchards

There are fruit and nut trees growing in public spaces all around our region, just waiting for you to find them and harvest their goodies. To find out where they are located, visit the Top of the South Maps website. From the left hand menu, choose ‘Recreation’, and tick ‘Open Orchards’. To reduce the amount of information on the map and reveal the locations of the orchards, deselect all other categories of information.

For more information

For further information about any of these programmes, contact the Environmental Programmes Officer or phone +64 3 365 6979.