Think Before You Waste!

Avoiding the creation of waste is at the heart of our waste management and minimisation plan. This means looking for how we can avoid waste in the first place, so here are some ideas and resources to help people reduce waste in their everyday lives.

Here are some great instructions on how to make your own produce bag (attachment sent to you separately Duncan), or head over to Boomerang Bags if you’d like to know more about how they’re working on better ways to make bags:

Would you rather make your own pantry and toiletry staples, or find lower impact ways of buying them? Check out The Rubbish Trip’s website for localised guides on where to shop for low waste solutions.

Save money on food shopping and get the most out of your family meals with the Love Food Hate Waste easy choice family kai recipes and shopping lists 

Put your food scraps to work and save money on rubbish disposal by setting up a compost bin – we’ve got a $20 subsidy available through local retailers

If you need to recycle, take our quiz to check your recycling knowledge is up to scratch.

Join in events like Plastic Free July to help everyone cut down on waste  and #choosetorefuse

If you’ve got good secondhand goods you don’t need any more, take them to local opshops (make sure they are good enough quality to sell) or put them out for SecondHand Sunday

Council has a pile of other useful solutions, check out how to do low waste events ( ), grants to reduce waste at events (, e-waste subsidies (, how to grow your own food (, the list goes on….

If you know of any great local solutions for avoiding or creating waste let us know! If we share your tip on Facebook you’ll win a pack of stainless steel straws. Email