What's happening in 2016

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Six projects are continuing from year 1 and six new projects have been added to the programme in year 2. There’s a focus on York Stream and Saltwater Creek this year to improve the water quality, reduce the amount of litter and rubbish in the streams, and make those streams more welcoming for fish and other freshwater critters.

We’re also continuing to work on improving fish passage, understanding toxic algae, minimising the impact of the Maitai Dam on the river, improving riverside plantings, reducing sediment and contaminant inputs and making the Collingwood St swimming hole safe for swimming.

Below is a brief description of each of this year’s projects. If you’d like to know more about these projects please contact the Project Manager Jo Martin at jo.martin@ncc.govt.nz

Maitai/Mahitahi E.coli Source Identification - 'Clean swimming holes'

collingwood st bridgeDescription: Finding out where the E.coli contamination at Collingwood St Bridge swimming hole is coming from and fixing it.

Objective: The Collingwood St Bridge swimming hole reliably meets recreational bathing guidelines, and the community can safely swim there.



healthy natural riverMaitai Reservoir Operations - 'A healthy and natural river'

Description: Improving the way the Maitai Reservoir is operated so any negative impact on the river is reduced.

Objective: Back feed from the Maitai Dam has minimal negative impact on the water quality and biodiversity of the Maitai/Mahitahi River.



fish and stream crittersAquatic Biodiversity Project - 'More fish and stream critters'

Description: Making changes so our streams can support all the freshwater plants and animals that should be there.

Objective: In-stream changes help improve the freshwater aquatic biodiversity in the Maitai/Mahitahi catchment, including the upper Maitai/Mahitahi and tributaries.



poluttion sourcesYork Stream Water Quality - 'Pollution sources found and fixed'

Description: Finding out what is causing poor water quality in York Stream and making a plan to improve it.

Objective: Contaminant inputs into York Stream are identified and minimised or eliminated, beginning at the top of the stream and working down.



better instream habitatYork Stream In-stream Habitat Enhancement - 'Better in-stream habitat'

Description: Making the York Stream a more welcoming place for stream life by improving habitat and removing fish passage barriers.

Objective: Changes are made in York Stream to provide better habitat for aquatic life and remove fish barriers, in collaboration with the York stream group based at Victory School.



poluttion sources halifaxSaltwater Creek Water Quality - 'Pollution sources found and fixed'

Description: Finding out what is causing poor water quality in Saltwater Creek and making a plan to improve it.

Objective: Contaminant inputs into Saltwater Creek are identified and minimised or eliminated.



litter free creekSaltwater Creek Litter Management - 'Litter-free creek'

Description: Working with the community to reduce the rubbish in and around Saltwater Creek and improving the look of the creek.

Objective: Reduced levels of litter and plastic waste in and around Saltwater Creek.



more riverside plantingRiparian Planting Project - 'More riverside plantings'

Description: Planting more native plants along waterways to reduce erosion and sediment run off, provide shade to cool the water, and increase habitat for other native plants and animals.

Objective: Riparian planting and vegetation management in the Maitai catchment supports Project Maitai/Mahitahi and Nelson Nature, and implements the priority planting plan completed in year 1.



clearer waterGroom Creek Wetland - 'Clearer water'

Description: Forming a wetland area at the base of Groom Creek where it enters the Maitai/Mahitahi River to filter out nutrients and sediment from the Groom Creek catchment.

Objective: Nutrient and sediment run off from the Groom Creek catchment is prevented from entering the Maitai River by the restoration of a wetland at the base of Groom Creek.


 cyanobacteria in stream

Cyanobacteria Action Plan - 'Less toxic algae risk'

Description: Managing Cyanobacteria (toxic algae) risk to dogs and humans, and finding out what causes Cyanobacteria blooms so those factors can be targeted.

Objective: Improved community awareness of cyanobacteria risk to dogs, and a better understanding of factors influencing cyanobacteria blooms.



removing fish barriersMaitai/Mahitahi Ford Improvements - 'Fish barriers removed'

Description: Removing or modifying the fords on the Maitai/Mahitahi River so they are not a barrier to fish migration.

Objective: Fish are freely able to access the mid and upper reaches of the Maitai/Mahitahi and are not blocked by the fords at Almond Tree Flats or the Golf Course.



knowlegeable communityProject Maitai/Mahitahi Communications - 'Knowledgeable community'

Description: Informing the community about key issues and achievements, and opportunities to get involved.

Objective: A negotiated communications plan is delivered in collaboration with project managers and key stakeholders.



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