Project Maitai/Mahitahi - Achievements Year 1


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There has been a hive of activity carried out by Council and the community since Project Maitai/Mahitahi was launched in July 2014. Thanks to everyone who has played a part in helping to make the following key achievements possible.

friends of the maitai stream monitoring

Community Projects

Six community group projects in and around the Maitai were supported with grants from the Council. These included planting, monitoring, research and beautification projects. Altogether the community groups and businesses contributed over $50,000 worth of time, expertise and donated goods to these projects.

Planting Days

planting day with babyMajor riverside planting events were held at the Golf Course, Maitai Camp and Shakespeare Walk, with a total of 6500 plants put into the ground. Thank you to everyone who came along, planted some plants, and shared a sausage sizzle. Additional school plantings were done beside York and Emano Streams, and two large Friends of the Maitai planting days were held at Groom Creek, along with mulching and post-planting maintenance sessions to care for all the plantings throughout the year. These plantings will help shade the river, improve biodiversity, reduce erosion and add to the beauty of our natural areas.

Improving Urban Impacts

rotary club cleanupThe Maitai and its tributaries run through densely populated areas so there have been several initiatives to reduce urban impacts on water quality, with more planned next year.

  • Three large wastewater leaks into the river via the stormwater system were located and fixed, and rising mains that cross under the river have been dye tested to check there are no leaks.
  • A rubbish clean up in Saltwater Creek was carried out by the Wakatu Rotary group and Nelmac, with further work planned in this area.
  • A chain, bollards and signage were installed at Almond Tree Flats ford to prevent inappropriate use of the ford (for example, car washing).

Making life better for fish

inanga spawning extensionA small channel was built at Shakespeare Walk Reserve, which will fill up on king tides and increase the available space for inanga (whitebait) to lay their eggs on the Maitai River bank. A sign about the inanga life cycle was erected and students from Auckland Point School and Maitai School planted around the area to help stabilise the bank and improve habitat for native species.

Fish passages were installed beside the Maitai Dam at the water intake weir on the Maitai south branch and over the reservoir spillway, so that native fish can move freely up and down stream to complete their life cycle.

Other initiatives

A variety of other work has also been carried out including; fencing stock out of waterways, meetings with forestry representatives, research into gravel movement throughout the catchment and a study of river flows. Operations at the Maitai Dam were changed to improve the quality of water discharged from the reservoir into the Maitai south branch, and options for aeration of the reservoir to improve water quality have been investigated with further work planned in this area. For more information about these projects please contact the Project Manager Jo Martin at

Regular Updates:

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