Church Street Upgrade

Church Street concept image 28Feb2017

June 2018 Update

On 28 June 2018, the Works and Infrastructure Committee has adopted a recommendation that any upgrade of Church Street should be included in the City Centre Programme Plan which is due to be completed in the 2018/19 financial year.

The Committee received a report on the project indicating that the total cost of the full upgrade of Church Street was now estimated at $1.33M, which would require an additional $551,000 of unbudgeted funding.

The requirement for extra funding resulted from a combination of factors; the project tenders coming in higher than expected, additional requirements identified during the detailed design process and the discovery of hazardous coal tar material within the road.

The work completed to date on this project by Council staff and property owners can be included for consideration in the City Centre Programme Plan. The Programme Plan is due to be developed within the next 12 months and will look at improvement projects across the city as a whole. 


The Church Street upgrade was originally proposed as part of the Heart of Nelson Strategy in 2009.

On 23 June 2016 the Works and Infrastructure Committee received a proposal for the improvement of the Church Street urban environment from Church Street property and business owners.  The Committee then allocated $75,000  to develop the design in conjunction with stakeholders. 

The concept design has progressed from those originally brought to Council by the business owners. The key features of the revised concept include:

  • flush roadway and footpaths (no raised kerbs) creating a pedestrian oriented environment;
  • a one-way, formally designated “Shared Zone” environment, with a self-enforcing low design speed;
  • gateway treatments at the street entrances;
  • increased pedestrian path widths;
  • increased outdoor dining space;
  • a central area outside café/restaurants as a focal point;
  • ability for property owners and businesses to give identity to the street;
  • increased vegetation (approx. 16 additional trees and green planting areas);
  • better equipped to close the street on a temporary basis for festivals, markets and events which has significant support among the Church Street business and property owners.

You can see the full concept design here (6.2MB PDF).

The concept design includes adopting one-way vehicular traffic flow (from Hardy Street to Selwyn Place) extending the full length of Church Street, whilst still permitting two-way cyclist traffic within this low speed environment. This is subject to a change to the Parking and Vehicle Control Bylaw which will need approval by the Planning and Regulatory Committee at an upcoming meeting.