Elms Street Safety Improvements

  Elms Street Plans cropped

Contractor: Downer
Project Manager: Nelson City Council
Status: Completed
Time frame: 1 month

Project completed

Work has now finished on site, apart from some planting which will be done later in the year.  Everyone is asked to take extra care and be patient while adjusting to the changed layout.

What we did

A new layout has been designed to address safety concerns at Elms Street intersection with Main Road Stoke. The new layout includes:

  • left turn lane from Main Road Stoke into Elms Street
  • narrower through lanes on Main Road Stoke
  • traffic islands at Elms Street
  • A Stop sign at Elms Street (change from Give Way)
  • On road cycle lane, northbound
  • Connection for the southbound cycle lane to use the off road path past the intersection southbound
  • Landscaping

This has been designed to suit the 60km/h speed limit which will has now been posted on Main Road Stok.  See a plan of the new layout here. (541KB PDF)