Fifeshire Crescent Stormwater rehabilitation

  Fifeshire Crescent stormwater

Contractor: HydroTech Ltd (Stage Two)
Project Manager: Nelson City Council
Status: Complete

State Two Update

What we are doing

 Installing a new manhole to gain better access to the existing stormwater network, repairing sump drains and their surrounding asphalt, and lining a large portion of the existing stormwater pipe with a new plastic liner to ensure a watertight pipe and prevent inflow and infiltration. The length to be rehabilitated is yet to be determined and will be based on the available budget as the project progresses.

Why we are doing it

Due to age and workmanship, parts of the existing stormwater network are beginning to deteriorate. Instead of removing and replacing the entire system, Council will install a new pipe within the existing one. This is a less invasive and more cost effective solution, which will provide a better service and extend the life of the system by 50 years.


Stage one of this work is scheduled to start in early March and should take one working week. This stage will be done by Nelmac. Stage two will get underway once a suitable contractor has been appointed, possibly in April/May and is expected to take three working weeks. 

Please note: Contractors will maintain vehicle access at all times but a 30km/h limit will be in place for staff and public safety.