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Greenmeadows Centre

Project Summary
Current Status

stoke community centre front elevation


Over the next thirty years, Stoke is expected to be home to three quarters of Nelson’s population growth and half its new housing. Council has recognised the need for appropriate facilities and services to support this growth forecast.

After extensive consultation with the community, Council approved plans for a new sport and community facility at Greenmeadows reserve.

Project Summary

A number of issues have impacted the Greenmeadows Centre during the construction phase of the project.

Consequently, Council has increased supervision on the site, appointed a full-time clerk of works, as well as commissioning an independent audit by a building assessor. All the issues identified by the audit are being brought to the attention of the contractor.

Construction Contractor Watts and Hughes have committed to completing the Greenmeadows Centre to a high quality. Director Rob Murphy stated, “We will do everything that we need to, to get that building to the quality that it needs to be.”

South Island Regional Manager Dave Gamlen reiterated “We’ll be delivering the project that we were engaged to deliver, and standing behind our warranties”.

Council is committed to producing a quality civic facility for the people of Stoke.


Current Status

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9 June 2019

Greenmeadows Open Day. Read the Our Nelson story.

11 April 2019

The 11 April report to the Community Services Committee is available here

All work is substantially complete, with CPU (Certificate of Public Use) issued for the entire building on 28 March.

26 February 2019

The 26 February report to the Community Services Committee is available here

The Cafe is operating and other tenants are enjoying this high-quality facility. At this point in time, only the remediation of the roof is yet to be completed. 

15 January 2019

The final touches are being completed on the Greenmeadows Centre, and the building is already being used by the Stoke Tennis Club and Nelson Cricket. On the 15 January, Nelson Cricket held a Junior Tournament over a stunning few days.

Greenmeadows Cricket Tournament


Greenmeadows Centre 2

Cricket Tournament Greenmeadows

27 November 2018

The 27 November report to the Community Services Committee is available here

26 November 2018


26 October 2018

The frontage of the centre has been completed, fences pulled back and car park opened. 

GM at Night October 2018


4 October 2018

The 4 October report to the Community Services Committee is available here

At the meeting work to rectify two additional items was discussed. These had been identified onsite, and work is underway to resolve them.

The first related to greater than expected flexing of a number of the steel cantilevered veranda beams on the western side of the building. This would affect the aesthetics of the flashing edging once installed. The connections are being investigated and will be strengthened as required.  

The second item included the need to replace blockwork that has experienced salt leaching which has discoloured the blocks.

21 September 2018

GM 21 Sept

Work continues to progress well at the Centre, with the cedar cladding almost finished facing Songer Street, and internal works in the cafe area ready for plastering. A detailed update will be provided in early October.

30 August 2018

The 30 August report to the Community Services Committee is available here

24 August 2018

Greenmeadows Cafe Small Custom

Progress continues onsite. Over the past week this has included:

  • Window seals along the western side of the building have been completed.
  • Window seals along eastern side of the building have either been completed or are in the process of being addressed.
  • Sections of timber with high humidity are being removed and replaced along the western verandah (Songer Street side).
  • Exterior cladding continues to be installed.
  • Interior works are progressing well.

13 August 2018

The work on the Greenmeadows Centre is progressing in an organised sequence to ensure work is completed in each section before moving to the next.  

Over the past week, key highlights include:

  • All areas of work are progressing. There has been up to 30 qualified personnel recorded on site.
  • All the western facing windows have been reset and correctly realigned. This has allowed the installation of the exterior cedar cladding panels to re-commence.
  • Work is progressing and being prioritised, starting with the area adjacent to Main Road Stoke, working towards the playing fields. 

12 July 2018

The 12 July report to the Community Services Committee is available here

Major items identified during audit

During the independent audit, a number of issues were identified. As at 10 August, the status of the main items to resolve are as follows:

Twist in portion of the roof
Grant Hunt Consulting Ltd has yet to inspect the roof. Any appropriate remedial work will be programmed by the contractor.

Windows and window flashings incorrectly installed
The contractor is currently replacing all flashings that needed remedial work with corrected flashings.

The windows and door frames along the western side of the building have been adjusted and reset. This has allowed the installation of the exterior cladding panels to recommence. 

The window and door frames along all edges of the first floor will need to be removed to allow waterproofing to be installed, and to undertake remedial works to the steel around the base plates. The contractor is working on a programme for this work.

Cladding incorrectly installed
The contractor has removed the original installed external cladding and is starting to reapply the external cladding in line with the manufacturer's specification and the drawings and design specifications. 

Stormwater slot drain remedial works (close to the playing fields)
The contractor is developing a methodology for remedial work and will be coordinated with work along the first floor.

Top floor base plates incorrectly reinforced
Structural engineers have provided details for an appropriate solution on specific remedial works to the reinforcing steel around the base-plates. This work will be programmed by the contractor.


FAQ's/More information

We've received a number of questions from the public about the Greenmeadows Centre Project, specifically around the tender process and the role of Building Inspectors. Answers to these questions can be found on our FAQ page.