Greenmeadows Stormwater Upgrade

greenmeadows stormwater upgrade map

Contractor: Fulton Hogan 
Project Manager: Nelson City Council
Budget:  $170,000
Status: Construction starting March 2017
Time frame: 7 weeks

What we are doing

Council is diverting and upsizing an existing stormwater system via the Greenmeadows playing fields. As part of this work, an above ground intake and earth bund will be installed in the southwest corner of the Greenmeadows playing fields to capture stormwater runoff which naturally accumulates at this low point.

Why we are doing it

To adequately capture stormwater runoff from the playing fields before flowing overland to Songer Street whilst also allowing for future development to occur in the area.


Work is scheduled to start in early March and is expected to take seven weeks, of which six weeks will be within Greenmeadows field, the remaining week within Songer Street.

Traffic conditions

Two lanes of traffic along Songer Street will be maintained where practical. Speed restrictions of 30km/h will be enforced within the worksite for both public and worker safety.