Hampden Street East Little Go Stream Stormwater Upgrade


 Waimea Rd stormwater


Contractor: Donaldson Civil
Project Manager: Nelson City Council
Budget: $4.7 million
Status: Complete
Time frame: 1 year

Project complete April 2017

This major stormwater upgrade is now complete. Thanks to everyone for their patience while this work was carried out. We appreciate that it was disruptive at times but the work done will help to prevent against flood damage in future heavy rain events.


March 2017

The installation of all the stormwater pipes is now complete and there is only minor reinstatement work left to do. This includes the construction of concrete pedestrian islands at the Waimea Road crossing and at the intersection of Van Diemen Street and Waimea Road. There are also some redundant watermain fittings to be removed from Waimea Road and the final road surfacing in Hampden Street at the entrance to Nelson College needs to be finished. All this work is expected to be complete by mid March.

January 2017

The contractor is back on site and is currently completing watermain connection work in Van Diemen Street and renewing a sewer pipe in Hampden Street. Only minor works will need to be completed in Waimea Road over the coming weeks. Pipe laying work within Nelson College is ongoing and approximately 50% complete.

December 2016

The new watermain, sewermain and utility ducting has been installed and work to install the stormwater pipe across Waimea Road is nearly complete. All pipes should be installed early in the week before Christmas with trench reinstatement done by Christmas.

There are some minor works, including the reinstatement of the centre traffic light at the pedestrian crossing, that will happen in the new year. This will be done after January if possible to avoid interrupting summer traffic.

Work in Hampden Street to permanently reinstate the road and footpath will be happening during January. 

Approximately half of the new stormwater pipe has been installed through Nelson College, with work set to continue on this section through January.

November 2016

The next steps for the work on the project will involve laying stormwater pipes in sections across Waimea Road, near the intersection with Hampden Street.  Laying the pipe in sections allows two lanes of traffic to remain in place but the width will be reduced so please take care when driving through the site and observe the speed limit in place. At the same time, work will be happening in the shoulder of the southbound lane to install UFB, water supply pipes, sewer connections, traffic signal ducts and to reinstate the footpath. This will be happening from Hampden to Van Diemen Street.

 This stage of the project is due to be completed by Christmas.  The Little Go Stream upgrade will be continuing up through Nelson College and this section will progress during the summer school holidays.

September 2016

Work is progressing well with stormwater pipe laying in Waimea Road. The next section of work will be happening in the intersections at Van Diemen Street and Hampden Street. While every effort will be made to minimise disruption, this work is expected to slow traffic through these areas so please be patient and take extra care.

From Saturday 24 September until 9 October Hampden Street, from Waimea Road to Ngatiawa Street will be closed from Monday to Saturday inclusive, from 7am until 5 pm. This closure is being done during the school holidays to reduce the impact on the nearby schools. At night Hampden Street will re-open to Waimea Road-bound traffic only.

 August 2016

The work to install the large mixing chamber within Waimea Road has been completed. The installation of the large chamber meant that southbound traffic was diverted from Waimea Road. The diversion has now been removed, which was three weeks ahead of schedule.

There are more stormwater pipes to be laid on Waimea Road and then on Hampden Street and through Nelson College.  The watermains and UFB ducts are about 50% complete in the footpaths, they will soon be installed south of Van Diemen Street. The sewer main upgrade is about 80% complete and on schedule to be finished next month.

July 2016

A section of Waimea Road will be closed from 11 July to allow this project to progress. This will involve a detour for southbound traffic. Access to businesses within the closed area will be maintained.

May 2016

The work outlined below is underway in the eastern footpath and is affecting the south bound traffic lane.  Traffic management in place and motorists  are asked to slow down and take extra care around the work site.

April 2016

During March some initial site investigation work was done. From April 2016 onward the construction activity will increase while we work to construct the watermain and fibre in the eastern footpath and also work on the sewer in the south bound traffic lane. This will take some months. When this work is largely complete we will move to constructing the watermain and fibre in the footpath on the west side of Waimea Road and the stormwater in the northbound traffic lane.  Please look out for the traffic management in place and take extra care around the work site.

January 2016

Work is scheduled to get underway on 1 March 2016 on the first stage of this project, on Waimea Road near Nelson College for Girls. Traffic management will be in place.

December 2015

Tenders for this project closed on 26 November with a Council meeting to approve the recommended contractor set for 17 December.


The severe weather event of 2011 saw record rainfall, flooding and slips throughout the Nelson Tasman region. It resulted in millions of dollars of damage to private and public property and put our civic infrastructure at risk.

As a result of this event, sections of Little Go Stream were damaged and blocked with gravel, leading to flooding of Nelson College and a property in Rutherford Street. These works involve upgrading the piped section from Franklyn Street through the Nelson College Grounds to Q100 (one in a 100 year flood) levels, and diverting this flow along Hampden Street and down Waimea Road. This will reduce the flow through the existing piped sections between Waimea Road and Rutherford Street and lessen the risk of flood damage to those properties.

This work is a timely response to protecting against extreme rainfall events, which are predicted to increase due to climate change.