Haven / Anzac Path

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August 2017

The pedestrian refuge has been installed and the project is now completed. Thanks to everyone for their patience while we carried out this work. If you are not sure how to use a pedestrian refuge correctly, get the details here

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Update 14 July 2017

Work is now complete in Anzac Park and the cones and barriers have been removed. Next week will see the construction of the pedestrian refuge.


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Update July 2017

Construction is underway to improve cycle access to the existing path within Anzac Park and to install a a pedestrian refuge on Rutherford Street. Work on the path is progressing well. It is being redirected to link with the new pedestrian refuge on Rutherford Street.  The refuge is being made off site and is due to be installed by mid-July.  This work aims to improve the connection between the centre of town and the St Vincent Street cycle way. 

Update March 2017

At the most recent Council meeting on 9 March 2017, Council revoked the previous resolution, and will instead carry out work to utilize the existing path along the southern side of Anzac Park as the shared path connection. The project will include minor works within Anzac Park and a pedestrian/cyclist refuge on Rutherford Street.

Previous option

Council has given approval for extending the shared path connection from the end of the St Vincent Street Cycleway into the Central City.

Council chose to progress a shared path on Haven Road to Rutherford Street. This project will also include installing a pedestrian refuge on Rutherford Street to make it easier for people to reach the Central City via Wakatu Square.

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This next stage in the connection aligns with the final connection between Rutherford Street and the Maitai Walkway, which will be progressed as part of the 2017/18 Annual Plan. It is hoped that by the end of 2018 this link will complete the Great Taste Trail, a continuous off-road cycle link between Nelson and Kaiteriteri.

Council considered five options before choosing to progress with the Haven Road shared path.  This was listed as Option Three in the report that went to Council on 15 December and is summarised as follows:

Option 3: Haven Road Shared Path

Shared path between relocated parking on Haven Road and Anzac Park. A shared path along Rutherford Street to a pedestrian refuge to provide connection to the Wakatu Square and the CBD desire line.


  • Connects Railway Reserve Route with CBD via Wakatu carpark
  • Provides future connectivity with Maitai Path
  • Route is well separated from busy arterial roads for majority of length

Risks and Disadvantages

  • Route development removes trees from a sensitive area of Anzac Park
  • Path is likely to be shaded, so possibly icy in winter
  • Highest carpark loss (14-18 spaces)

A copy of the full agenda of the December 15 including the complete report is available here.

More detail on this project will be provided as it progresses.


In November 2015 Council considered a programme of works for active transport as part of the ‘Out and About’ policy. It was resolved that this and other projects should be prioritised with reports brought to the Works and infrastructure Committee before implementation. The main driver for this project is to connect the Railway Reserve cycle route on St Vincent Street to the CBD for the inexperienced or non-confident (‘interested but concerned’) user.