Nelson East Connections

Nelson East Survey Map


Nelson City Council is investigating possibilities for improving walking, cycling and roading connections from the Central City and Maitai River Shared Path through to Upper Nile Street and the Maitai Valley Road. The study area, shown on the map above, is collectively described as Nelson East.

The aim of this project is to identify any current problems, shortfalls and opportunities to make it easier to get around Nelson East.

Here's is a copy of a powerpoint presentation (1.7MB PDF) giving some information about the research carried out so far. 


Feedback has closed.

Council very much wants to understand the needs of various users so anyone who lives, works or travels around the area - by car, bike or on foot - is invited share their thoughts with us until Friday 6 April. 

We’re aiming to use people’s local knowledge, expertise and understanding of the community to help identify the current issues, gaps in the network and think about how we can fill them.

Council really wants to know;

  • where and how people are travelling or would like to travel;
  • what are the safe routes;
  • what are critical intersections or conflict points;
  • what are the needs of children, older people, or people with disabilities;
  • what are the needs of commuter and recreational walkers/cyclists, and of other users.