Oldham Creek Bridge replacement

Oldham creek 2

Contractor: Fulton Hogan
Budget: $380,000
Status: Completed

Work on this project is now complete.

Update September 2017

The bridge has now reopened but the final seal is still to be laid. A period of dry weather is needed before this can be done but it will be done as soon as possible. Thanks to everyone for their patience as this projects has been considerably delayed by wet weather during the winter.


The Oldham Creek Bridge on Atawhai Crescent (between Dodson Valley Road and Rainbow Drive) is being replaced with a new two lane bridge, including a footpath on the downstream side.  A section of Atawhai Crescent will be closed while construction is done. This will be happening from mid-May until the end of June.

Road and footpath detours will be in place so please follow the relevant signage.

The new bridge will be wider to give greater water flow capacity during flood events and will be able able to carry heavy traffic loads without restriction. The existing footbridge on the upstream side will be retained.

One lane of the original bridge had to be closed in April 2016 when concerns were raised over its structural soundness following a routine inspection.

Traffic restrictions

Traffic restrictions are now lifted.