Saxton Field Link Road

Contractor: Isaac Construction
Project Manager: Nelson City Council
Status: Completed April
Duration Oct 18 - Apr 19

This project was completed in April 2019.

IMG 0982


What we are doing

Constructing a carpark, paths and services for better access to the Velodrome and Champion Green. Work will be happening on site from late October until the end of March 2019, subject to any unforeseen delays.

Why we are doing it

To provide better access to the Velodrome and Saxton Field from Champion Drive, along with parking. Future stages will complete the link into Saxton Field.

Access during construction

Public parking will be limited to the area between Garin College and Avery Green with pedestrian access only through to the Velodrome. Please look out for any signage in place and keep out of the active work site for your own safety.