Eastern Gateway Sculpture

Nau Mai Ki Toku Ahuru Mowai – Welcome to my safe home, my sheltered haven

(He wahi e tau ana te  wairua pai, e marino ana,  e kore e taea e te kino)

Artist / Sculptor – Juan Jose Novella (Spain)
Date Installed – June 2012

Novella Sculpture at dawn


Located at the corner of QEII Drive and Atawhai Drive in Miyazu Park, the piece alludes to Nelson’s strong relationship with the sea.  Inspired by marine plant formations (such as kelp seaweed and mussel shells), the sculpture’s curved shape is orientated east/west and as the sun moves overhead, fascinating shadows will be cast, ever moving like the tide that ebbs and flows, and fish that dance in the shallows.  A sense of sheltering represents the curving, partially enclosed shape, suggesting inclusion and welcome as well as a haven to come to.

The piece’s intricate cut out design creates a delicate looking shell, even though the carbon steel is 25mm thick, and offers an alternate view of the world beyond through its network.

A Mauri stone from the Boulder Bank has been blessed and placed on the site, connecting it with the local area.

The artwork was shipped from Spain in sections and it was welded and shaped in Reliance Engineering’s workshop under the supervision of Novella.

This dramatic new sculpture for Nelson city was celebrated in a dawn blessing on Saturday, 16 June at 6.30am. Spanish artist Juan Jose Novella, an artist of international standing, won the commission to develop the artwork. Marking the eastern gateway to the city, the substantial art work is sited at the corner of QEII Drive and Atawhai Drive in Miyazu Park.