Up the Creek without a Paddle

Sculptor – Fiona Sutherland
Date Installed – 2012

up the creek sculptrue image


Located at the edge of the spillway pond of Orphanage Creek near Saxton Field.  Fiona has referenced the site in a number of ways, saying “the two lost boys could be from St Mary’s Orphanage, (after which the creek is named) or boys from today, as their sports tee shirts feature numbers on their back.  The two numbers added make the total of 1986, which is the year when Saxton Field became a sports ground.  The collection of wildlife in the boat includes the white faced heron, mallard duck and inaga fish, all of which are found in the area.

Made of darjit, a paper pulp material, mixed with sand and cement over a metal armature and is very durable.  

To ensure that the art work is well clear of any flood waters, the artist has the boat marooned in the air as if after a flood.

A pile protrudes two metres above normal water level, with stainless steel flax leaves curling up under the hull of the boat.